Alfa Romeo V8 Monza Overview

The first part of the title seems very interesting whereas the latter doesn’t quite cut the mustard. An Alfa Romeo with a V8 engine sounds terribly good.
IDECORE Alfa Romeo V8 Monza
IDECORE is an association of independent designers and modelers who couldn’t come up with a better take on summing up “Ideas, concepts, relationships” than an acronym.

The naming isn’t that important unless you’re talking about their latest concept, the Alfa Romeo V8 Monza. The Alfa Romeo part is pretty clear and gets you thinking beautiful Italian design and the sort of vehicle that’ll definitely stir up some emotions.
The V8 part means there’s some serious power under that beautiful badge and the fact that there’s a Monza badge on it should mean the power will be well tamed by a great chassis tuned to it’s finest on the infamous circuit.
Makes for a rather tasty mix I’d say. It could also mean that Alfa Romeo could launch a competitor for the BMW 6 Series, the Mercedes CL and whoever else may want to join that league.
There’s one important aspect to look into upon hoping for this car to happen even more than the desire the looks generate. Chrysler will be sharing some platforms with Alfa Romeo, the Italians plan to return to the US market and a vehicle like the Alfa Romeo V8 Monza pretty much does everything.
IDECORE Alfa Romeo V8 Monza


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