Renault Wind more Convertible Concept

Renault Wind is a two-seater style drop-top with sharp handling and a big boot. Occupants are well protected from the pounding and the tempting price.Wind range-topping 1.6-liter gasoline engine which gives 131bhp lively performance when you rev hard, but it feels flat below 4500rpm. This trip was bumpy at low speeds, but settled on a fast road.
Some people will struggle to find a comfortable driving position for the steering wheel does not adjust for reach and seat controls are not too accurate. Entry-level Dynamique model comes with a roof-electric parts (you have to lock it into place manually), electric windows, alloy wheels, cruise control, MP3 player and AC-socket. Upgrade to the Dynamique S trim brought climate control, automatic headlamps and wipers, remote controls and stereo Bluetooth.
This system avoids problems normally associated with folding hardtops, the weight, cost and lack of boot space. With the Wind, a large boot remain unaffected by the position of the roof, while a simple system that weighs only 21.8kg.The driving position is the lowest of any current model Renault but steel upright hatchback feels more than a bum skimming sports car.


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