2011 Mitsubishi GalEA by Gábor Farkas Review

Mitsubishi GalEA was created by Gábor Farkas. The independent designer has now sent us yet another Mitsubishi study, this time for a replacement to the Galant sedan.The concept is named GalEA and is said to draw its inspiration from the previous, sharper-looking eighth generation Galant of the late 1990s, while sharing similar design cues with the smaller Concept CS.
Follow the jump to read Gábor’s description of the project and to get a closer look at the sporty Mitsubishi saloon in our high-res gallery and CGI videos.In a 180 degree turn, the designer re-imagined the Galant as a more distinct and aggressive looking four-door coupe model with a long hood, sloping roof, pillarless doors and a stumpy rear end.
Main dimensions
  • length: 4745 mm (186.8 in)
  • width: 1948 mm (79.7 in)
  • height: 1343 mm (52.9 in)
  • front track: 1722 mm (67.8 in)
  • rear track: 1706 mm (67.2 in)
  • wheelbase: 3070 mm (120.9 in)
  • length/wheelbase ration: 1.55
  • wheels: 205/40 R 18


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