New 2011 Volvo S60 Review

The all new Volvo S60 is stylish, naughty, and luxurious, but misses the precision that is found and adored in BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. However, some of the other features that the car boasts simply make it stand out of the rest. It would be a sedan for people, who want a revamped sports sedan, and not the old, stereotype sports sedan. We recently reviewed the 2012 Volvo S60 to check how impressive the Swedish engineering is this time.
The Swedish design can be unmistakably recognized from its exteriors, which might just not fit on any of the German sedan. These include the 7 spokes of 18-inch wheels, thinner tail lamps, and smart headlamps with LED incisors. Anyone glancing it for the first time, would recognize the color are ‘fluorescent brown’, but it is Blazing Copper. This paint, hardly found on any car, would not even go with the elegant design of Benz or a BMW, but suits perfectly to S60. The end result is a car that is very exclusive and unique in its own manner.
Interiors are as elegant as a Swedish design should be. Instead of several knobs and buttons scattered near the steering wheel, it has a single-screen with several rows of buttons, which pretty much covers everything. At first, it seems that the clutter has been cleared, and the interiors look much tidier that most sedans have. But this space-saving technique makes it a bit difficult to operate for the user. We would have preferred having at least a few additional buttons that would make operations a bit more user-friendly.


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