Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Overview

When it comes to Lamborghini, no doubt, people simply await for its news. This time, while making concept car by Lamborghini, few reports have come stating that Lamborghini is getting prepared to produce Lamborghini Sesto Elemento soon. However, possibilities are more that this news is just a rumor.
Sesto Elemento concept was planned as a design study, simply to preview the style and technology one can expect in future of Lamborghini super cars. Sesto Elemento was envisioned to see on the next generation supercars, but shortly after unveiling this concept at the Paris Motor Show few months back, reports began to flow on air that there are chances of Italian automaker to put this concept into production. Well, even if the rumors become reality, one thing is sure that the productions are limited.
The truth is that an exotic car dealership located in German is already listing Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for sale. Even though the original listing of this report is no more present on the online marketplace, one site, the Auto Salon Singen have that listing available on its website with nearly €2 million ($2.63M USD) list price. The sale is of €1.9m before tax and after that the price will be €2.3m.
If the original listing is no more available on the website – online marketplace then a question arises that why Singen is still presenting the listing. Does Singen know anything which is still undercover? Apart from this, many other questions come to mind regarding this rumor or true story into the loop.


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