Volkswagen-Giugiaro Concept leaked

We know what Volkswagen is today. However, we don’t know what it would have been without Giorgetto Giugiaro and his remarkable Italdesign studio. This studio, apart from designing various cars for Volkswagen, has sole-handedly designed Scirocco and Golf. In fact, most seats of the carmaker come with the Giugiaro design.

The partnership had been remarkable, and it got another boost when Volkswagen acquired Italdesign studio in May 2010. However, after this acquisition, the duo has not released any car, and is all set to release its first one in Geneva Car Show.
The concept of this much-awaited car got leaked on the Internet yesterday. We are not sure whether it is a new car concept or the next-gen model of Polo or Golf, but the design looks appealing, and the end-model, we are sure, would be a hit. Apparently, no details or specs of the car were leaked, which is quite a disappointment. However, with only a few days to go for the car show, the disappointment is not long-lasting.


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