Faulty Airbags Forced The Ford to Recall 150,000 F-150 Again

About 150,000 F-150 pickups that were manufactured in 2005 and 2006 might have airbag problem. Considering the huge risks drivers, Ford has decided to recall all the 150,000 pickup trucks. This problem was, however, not identified by Ford, but by National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which reports about 240 cases wherein airbags went off without any reason. Ford believes that the chances of such incidents are very rare. However, the 238 cases, including 77 cases of injury, have forced Ford to recall its potentially risky pickups.
According to the incidents reported by NHTSA, there have been unusual cases of airbags failure, not following a similar path of problem. In a case, the airbag went off as soon as the vehicle was started. However, in the other incident, the airbag opened up, even when it was untouched, lying in the parkway.
According to Ford, the problem might be due to faulty installation of the airbag wire, which might cause the airbag to deploy whenever there is a short circuit. And such changes were made in the cars that were produced after 2006. So the recall is only for the vehicles that were manufactured before that.


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