2011 Smart Fortwo Convertible Cars

Smart Fortwo is the smallest car available in the current USA Today. For some, it is reason enough to buy the diminutive vehicle offered in coupe and convertible forms. Years after the brand’s debut in January 2008 in the United States, coupes and convertibles Fortwo still cause passersby to look and point. Length 106.1 inches from the car, it is about half a foot shorter than the wheelbase of a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and four and a half feet shorter than the Volkswagen New Beetle, another iconic design .
Move inimitable style and the use of the Smart Fortwo starts to slip. fuel economy and coupé cabriolet is 33/41 mpg city / highway. Not a bad show of its 5-speed automated manual transmission and 70 horsepower, 1.0-liter three-cylinder until one considers the next race. Larger and more powerful 2011 Ford Fiesta, for example, is ranked as high as 29/40 mpg city / highway. Even the utilitarian American, however, can not touch the Smart Fortwo in a unique style and low price: the price of Ford by more than $ 1,000 more than the Fortwo.
Smart now offers a Kenwood navigation system that can be integrated into the dashboard of the car. Another innovation in the Fortwo is the intelligent application unit, which combines the iPhone with the car. Once the iPhone is placed in specially designed telephone support, becomes a media center and navigation for the driver and the passenger supplied by the landlord pays the annual fee for the shipping upgrade $ 49.99.
Smart Fortwo is available with bright interior panels and two gauges dashboard fantasy: a clock and a tachometer. A navigation system is available.
intelligent designers use the Tridion safety cell as the focal point of the profile view. The steel cage can be classified into a color that contrasts with the doors around which is wrapped. Tridion Safety Cell (reinforced steel cage), electronic stability program, dual front and two side air bags, electronic brake assistance, traction control. NHTSA results in four crash tests: 3 / 5 (passenger side), 5.3 (note capital), 5.4 (driver side), 5.5 (side effects)
Smart Fortwo engine 1.0 liter three-cylinder can keep pace with most traffic, as long as you’re not busy. Accelerates from 0 to 60 kmh 12.8 seconds will. Handling of the car of 1808 pounds is stable when Fortwo is wide for its length and the rear tires are wider than the front tires.


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