Unveiling Ferrari FF 2012

Ferrari has recently unveiled its new all-four-drive model, that pushes the power to all four wheels. This is the first all-4 for Ferrari, with V12, four seats, and a smarter hatchback look. The manufacturers believe that this model with attract not only its usual customers, but also a new species that love to drive in all-weather and on all-roads.
Designed under the supervision of Ferrari’s chief designer, Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari FF 2012 is set to launch later this month in Geneva Auto Show, and will hit the showrooms almost instantly.
The main reason behind launching it during this weather is more people would prefer taking it for skiing vacations uphill due to its all-four-drive feature. The chassis have been improved drastically, with larger wheelbase, with all independent suspensions, Brembo disc brakes, and adjustable dampers.
Another unique feature of the car makes it more attractive. 4RM (Route Motor), known to be used only in Ferrari units, makes use of the electronic system to direct power to its front wheel, when conditions of the roads demand it.
The new Ferrari FF has got 6.2L V12, which is said to have about 22 percent more power than the popular 612. What is more interesting is 7-speed gearbox, with dual-clutch facility.
The efficiency improving techniques that were introduced in California has been harnessed by Ferrari, which is believed to have improved the mileage and overall efficiency by about 10 percent. The engine is capable of producing 650 bhp at 8000 rpm, and a torque of 504lb at 5000 rpm. However, the carbon emission is surprisingly lowered to 360gm/km from the previous 470gm. A similar astonishing improvement has been noticed in fuel efficiency, increasing from 13.8 mpg to 18.3 mpg.
When it comes to comparing the FF with 612, the former beats the latter in almost every aspect. The acceleration from 0 to 62 mpg can be achieved in about 3.3 seconds, while it takes about 3.7 seconds for that in 612. The top speed of 208 mph too beats 612 by about 10 mpg. Despite the usage of all-four-drive drive system, it weighs about 12lbs less than 612.
Although both models seem identical, buyers will most certainly compare the two before any decisions. And if that happens, the clear winner will actually destroy its counterpart.


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