2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Cars

Sol-sopped Andalusia, the birthplace of flamenco and Picasso is a landscape of color Cordoba lonely hills stitched with vineyards and olive groves as well in the back of a donkey. A 204 mph, Andalusia aerosols in a test of brown and green.
At 204 km / h, even if it rolled on the pavement, paid lavish loans of the European Union seems dangerously thin and lumpy mounds of the shortcomings are invisible to the speed of sound scary exclamation-de-DOS. A 204 km / h, if you look down to check the speedometer just one second, you will lose the next 299 meters. We flirt with the cerebral cortex overload signal 204, but the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is just the end of it and speed up the second 54 km / h before the intervention of the electronic speed limiter. mask down and signs on for more emergency exits can not do this problem, the FAA ertified.
Apparently it is a standard Veyron is a jellyfish pansy and self Bugatti create the Super Sport. The model has the last word, ie Veyrons the last 40 cars to drive the total production of 300 Price: one hundred thousand billion billion dollars, or it could very well be. $ 2,426.904000 for the Super Sport will pay (at the time of this printing), you can also buy a Ferrari 458 Italias 1910 and has $ 127,654 left for lunch. His attempt to build a final blow to the work of the super-rich, Molsheim operators are not very concerned about the practical constraints, such as fiscal prudence, or even the laws of physics.
For example, using the Super Sport more power than another 20 to stand out from the rental fleet Veyron $ 1,700,000 with his ponies piddly 1001. Why not a second you? Bugatti probably found. But it was decreed that a bump of 20 percent of the production of 1200 hp and 1106 lb.-ft. of torque genug. Enough. So to say that the Germans running subsidiary of VW bus crazy, and they do not say that very often. Consider these facts Bugatti prices Supersport 1.65, € 1,000,000 and LOADS FROM 10 TO 12 buyers expected U.S. rate based on market exchange for cash. So if the dollar softens with a few cents against the euro sticker, car window jumps over $ 16,000.
Each buyer also pays U.S. Supersport 2.71 percent duty on imports, or about $ 62,000 plus shipping costs $ 51,000 and $ 6400 tax for gas guzzlers federal. Adding an extra year for a mere two years Veyron costs of factory warranty nearly $ 70,000, but buyers Super Sport to get it free. A set of Super Sport Michelin special cost $ 42,000 and can last 10,000 miles if you pay attention, if they last only 15 minutes by car top speed (at this rate, however, the tank of 26.4 liters is sucked dry in just 10 minutes and there is no place on earth safely so fast that long anyway, so no worries). At the third change of tires, Michelin also requires that you change to $ 69,000 wheels per chance the only wheels that match the tire to ensure proper bead.
personal touches are available, such as your initials instead of Ettore Bugatti is engraved in the cap of the gas. A customer pays sills with illuminated “words that can not be replicated,”said an official Bugatti. If you want Super Sport finished in carbon fiber body with clear coating instead of paint, add a $ 428,180, just a little more than the price of a new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. Let’s be frank: The car is completely spiritual. At the Super Sport to drive in the dusty hills near Jerez de la Frontera, although his chief engineer, Wolfgang Schreiber, admitted that it is easier to find a decent hedge fund manager to use as places of 1001 horses, not to mention the 1200 “Most of our customers to manage a very common occurrence. Very slow, “said Schreiber. “So we need to change can see and feel at all speeds”.
Since 2005, the Bugatti Veyron is 243 in the hands of the customer, to form a discussion group of all kinds. According to Schreiber, buyers say they want an advantage on handling the car skosh. We feel your pain. We meet every Veyron has accelerated as a player outside the line of Shiva cricket bat, but managed no better than the average Lexus. Maybe that’s why this kind in the history of Texas, driving his Youtube in a pond. Either that or he’s an idiot. Whatever. Bugatti says the Super Sport embodies everything learned from the Veyron and its customers over five years. No, does not come with a boat, but the revised agreement of the shock and stabilizer bar, stiffer is to help increase lead connection and participation. The nose dives into the corners with much more enthusiasm, and body movement is controlled better, which gives the driver a better idea of when the threshold is between excel in a fast lap and fly in low orbit.
Rather, it is vital in a Hypercar that can easily triple your speed between mailboxes. So are the carbon brake discs and Super Sport compounds (15.7 inches in front) are literally breathtaking. If a truck suddenly turn into your lane, you can drag the error of 140 miles per hour, for example, 53.7 with enthusiasm and incredible pedal instead to leave a hole twice the width of the front license plate if want to cause cardiac arrhythmias his passenger. For the Super Sport in automobile production mph land speed world record 268 (Super Sport actual production is limited to a saver tire 258 mph), Bugatti Veyron’s softened a bit like Humpty Dumpty. Most notably, bazookas polished aluminum on the back of the Veyron that regular air block for the engine are gone. In its place is like a turtle shell of carbon fiber that forms a tunnel where the driver can see where he stands back and is cut flush with twin NACA ducts.
If you want to display the engine, it takes two technicians about 30 minutes to remove the couple of dozen screws holding tank. Yet Schreiber said ducts increase the power by creating a larger ram-air bazookas, while offering less resistance. In addition to the nostrils open Bugatti radiator, added a few sites below the headlights that the air feed directly on the front brakes and redesigned front splitter and rear diffuser to increase support. Reprogrammed with rear wing was added, the body produces 882 pounds of support to its maximum speed. At 204 km / h, we can report that it feels stable in car.
The extra output-199 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque comes in four turbochargers are 10 percent larger and bolted to the warp of 16 cylinders are kept unchanged in the rear. A less restrictive exhaust contributes. Fuel pressure is mounted, and a pair of fuel pumps in the tank there are two in the base car, four in the Super Sport juice-making. The seven-speed dual clutch automated manual beefy hard drive shafts through a second and third team strengthened and a large gear seventh, making for an alleged coup Highway 10 percent in the number of miles. With its carbon fiber panels on the exterior, the Super Sport is 110 pounds lighter than the base, with aluminum body Veyron. A new fiber, carbon stiffer tissue is used in the bathtub and saves only 55 pounds. Bugatti also installed the rear differential cooler gill in the front passenger in the rear diffuser, which reduces the pipes, unique wheels and shaved 25 pounds net.
Supersport is too big and too heavy to feel like a second skin. With its high panels and dash, feels more like a jacuzzi real quick. He is raised indoors and not the kind of delicious high you get in a Ferrari. The tires whine oppressive at any speed, the voice engine is mostly white noise of whirring and won. It exists primarily as an art object for its owner and a circus parade car fawning public. It is perhaps a peak of internal combustion engines performance, the last word before the nascent dictatorship electrical impulses. This is a Bugatti.


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