Surprise release New Alfa Romeo Design Concept

Without any sort of warning or any rumors, we just found out something of momentous importance. Sort of.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Designer handbag
What we have here is a new Design Concept from Alfa Romeo. Sadly, the Design Concept isn’t actually within the car. It’s the handbag next to it.

That’s right folks, joining the hall of shame, on the same shelves as Ferrari’s Aftershave products, we now have the Alfa Romeo Designer handbags.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Designer handbag
Apparently, as the company’s centenary anniversary’s offspring, Alfa Romeo gave the green light to the design concept bags and they must have forgot about them. Until now.
Trying to ignore the almost incredibly funny situation behind the weird looking bags that are based on the Alfa Romeo MiTo we find that they are about as big as the actual car.
It’s difficult to remain serious, isn’t it? On a brighter side, we’ve found that the entire project is related to Alfa Romeo UK’s efforts in helping students. The handbags were created in order to enter a competition lads that attend the MA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins College.
Alfa Romeo MiTo Designer handbag
It sounds wonderful on paper but it seems so moronic in actual reality you can’t help but laugh when you consider an Alfa Romeo MiTo handbag.


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