Sauber C30 2011 F1 Launched in Valencia

Sauber C30 2011 F1 Car has Launched in Valencia. The Sauber C30 2011 F1 car is powered by a 2,398 cc Ferrari 056 naturally aspirated V8, 90° cylinder angle engine mated to a Ferrari 7-speed quick-shift carbon gearbox, longitudinally mounted, with a carbon-fiber clutch. The Sauber C30 2011 F1 car has a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis with a upper and lower wishbones (front and rear) suspension, with inboard springs and dampers actuated by pushrods (Sachs Race Engineering).

The Sauber C30 2011 F1 car no longer has the F-duct and the adjustable front wing as they were banned for this year championship. The rear wing of the Sauber C30 2011 F1 car can not be adjusted by the driver and the new racer has been equipped with KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Visually, the Sauber C30 2011 F1 car comes with a raised front, slender waist, compact rear, new rollhoop, downward-sloping engine cover, and wing mounts front and rear. The Sauber C30 2011 F1 car measures 4,935 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, 1,000 mm in height and weighs 640 kg (incl. driver, tank empty).


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