Review Mini Cooper S Cabrio

The new Convertible carries over it’s styling from the second generation MINI, so there’s not very much to report on in terms of the bodywork below the waist, although there are some small but significant differences from both the previous generation Convertible, and the hatch back variant of the second generation MINI.
A change that makes a vigilante MINI is first noticed the fuel filler cap, like the first generation of MINI Cabrio, moves slightly backwards and upwards, and is actually closer together small diameter. Also present are correctly folded hinges starting. The new cover is very similar in style to that fitted to the model it replaces, which is not much to report, but the structure is different, and we hope this MINI features described as the best line rainwater around the front windows, so I hope more places and wet towers for MINI owners and their passengers who live in a state of shock weather! The rear window is glass and heated again, and the whole package folds up fairly significant, given the limitations of packaging. Hidden rear stabilizer bars also improve both the appearance of the rear of the car and the rear visibility for the driver, which is good for two reasons.
For keen drop-top drivers, there’s the Cooper S or mighty JCW. There’s an automatic six-speed option, superior fuel returns to the S’s and a wide range of safety and driver aids. The S is band G and the JCW, band H. Other safety features include a crash sensor, Dynamic Stability Control including Automatic Stability Control + Traction, electronic brakeforce distribution and corner braking control. BMW’s EfficientDynamics system includes brake energy regeneration plus auto start/stop as standard, while the manual gets a shift point display for optimum gearchanges.


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