Review Chevrolet Cruze Eco 2011 with 42 MPG with Pic..
The estimates hurled out by Economy Protection Agency may not seem to be very realistic, even after it altered the testing process in the year 2008. And the skepticism grows strong when General Motors declared that its new Chevrolet Cruze Eco 2011 would hit about 43 miles per gallon on highway.
Only a few cars are able to hold true such promises, and most of these cars are either hybrid or with clean diesel. However, when contemporary sedans pledge something like this, it is hardly believable. So, to test its economy, we took a drive in the new Chevrolet Cruze Eco 2011 on one of the roomy routes of Southern California.
This eco-friendly car does not market itself as one. At least that is what one can figure out from the exteriors, where spotting a small green logo needs a sharp eye-scan. This logo is attached at the rear deck. It also has an altered grille and a shutter mechanic at the front. So, to put it simply, the car has green technology, without any show business.
The interiors too promote the same theme. For those driving in the new Cruze for the first time, it would be quite difficult to notice that the headrest and the armrest between the rear seats are missing. This is an effort to do away with any unnecessary weight on the machine. However, it boasts of its six-speed manual transmission, which put Cruze far ahead of its earlier counterparts.
However, only doing away with armrest and headrest cannot boost the economy of any car. What are the other changes that made Chevrolet announce such bold figures?
The company says that it has done this through 3 new strategies. Reducing weight is one of them. The other two are improving the aerodynamics and altering the power of the car.
Let us start with aerodynamics first. To direct the air flow near the tires, tiny plastic spats are placed before each of the wheels. Further, the car has a tow rating (yes, it does have), and the designers have decided to reduce it. Hence, they have shut the grille, which helps to still maintain the temperature of the engine.
However, one of the most interesting changes in aerodynamics is the active shutter mechanics, which, when the car reaches the speed of 38 mph, automatically shuts the plastic slats. In all, the numerous changes makes the car about 10 percent more efficient than its counterparts.
Now, the weight-loss strategy. The 17-inches wheel made of Alcoa forged aluminum weighs about 5.3 pounds less that wheel used by other cars with similar wheel size. And other 42 similar changes were made in the new Chevrolet Cruze Eco 2011, which makes it a feathery 3,008-pound car. And that is like shedding approximately 214 pounds from the base model.
Simply raising the hood will display mechanical alterations. One of the very important changes is its modification from 1.4L, four-cylinder to manual six-gear. Besides, the ac compressor has got clutch, over and above being constantly variable. Also, the alternator is engaged only when it is required through a smart charging system. It has 138 horsepower and it carries 138 pound-feet torque.
The explanation seems convincing. But let us check whether it really has boosted the economy. When we got the keys, it was pleasure driving the 122-mile route, which was not all empty highway. It also included some traffic and some really tough surface road. However, the manual gearbox made it an interesting drive, and all of us took pleasure in sharing the route.
To be on a safer side, we drove the eco machine at 70 mph. However, even on the sixth speed, the car did not seemed to be struggling, even on an inclining route. So, over all, the drive was pretty comfortable and really quite – something that we had not really expected form an eco sedan.
However, the all new Chevrolet Cruze Eco 2011 actually provided an economy of 42.8 mpg in the first half of our drive. But the economy dipped in the second half to 41.7 mpg, as the second half was a bit of an adventurous ride.
So, our estimate is that the car should deliver about 29 mpg city, as compared to Honda Civic, which gives about 26 mpg city and 35 mpg highway.
You will have to shell out $18,895, which includes destination. Buyers would obviously compare it with Honda Insight that provides an economy of 40 mpg city and about 44 mpg highway at $18, 995. And there is also Ford Fiesta Hatchback that delivers 29 mpg city and 41 mpg highway for just $16,865. However, one thing that its competitors do not provide is enough passenger space that sets it apart from others.


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