New McLaren F1Details

McLaren F1, To meet these goals, technical director of McLaren Gordan Murray and stylist Peter Stevens realized that the car had to be small, use the lightest components available and have a large capacity, normally aspirated V12 engine. Four years after the McLaren’s costly development, the first car made its official debut at the 1992 Monaco F1 week where McLaren could finally reveal to world what they had been doing. At Monaco, the targeted customer base learned that only 100 examples would be made, and that the McLaren would be the fastest, most exclusive car in the world. The F1′s success can be attributed the McLaren’s Formula One expertise.
The car’s carbon fiber monocoque was the world’s first and supported BMW’s impressive BMW S70/2, 620 horsepower engine. To show off McLaren’s dedication and Formula heritage, Murray used a central drivers seat and provided an option for two seats on either side. After delivering 100 customer cars McLaren stopped production after seven prototypes, 64 road cars, 5 special F1 LMs (built to commemorate victory at Le Mans in 1995), three F1 GTs (road going versions of the long tail 1997 F1 GTR race car) and 28 F1 GTR road cars. Since delivery, McLaren have stayed committed to the F1 and continue to service the many cars. The most radical of these are the few race cars which were converted back to road cars with the most minimal of changes.
Other less daring cars have treatments that include new aerodynamic packages and custom interiors. After the car was purchased, McLaren offered to undertake this extraordinary project in their workshops in Woking, England. An additional fax sent from McLaren in August 2000 complimented this astonishing car even further; McLaren’s most experienced test driver commented that this car was `the ultimate F1 variant, having the best combination of performance, stability, grip and handling, whilst still being practical for road use’.
In complimentary contrast, the interior was trimmed to ‘GT specification’ with a magnolia alcantara headlining and magnolia wilton carpets, the drivers seat was privileged with magnolia nubuck leather with beige alcantara inserts and the passenger seats were mirrored in beige alcantara with magnolia nubuck leather inserts.


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