Koenigsegg CCX & Koenigsegg CC family Cars

Koenigsegg CCX by autocars17, The CCX is the latest iteration of the Koenigsegg CC family. At Koenigsegg they also believe in continuity. The rear clamshell now features a glass window over the new CCX engine, clearly showing off the bespoke and unique Koenigsegg Block casting. In corporation with Sparco, and Koenigsegg test driver Loris Bicocchi, Koenigsegg has developed a new seat design for the CCX.
The optimal ceramic 382 mm front discs are coupled to 8 piston calipers and in the rear the 362 mm size is retained with 6 piston calipers. The ceramic discs save another 2 kg per wheel, giving the Koenigsegg CCX lower unsprung weight than any other super car.Koenigsegg now also offers the ceramic disc and carbon wheel upgrade to all previous Koenigsegg models.Due to the fact that there is a fresh air engine intake right below the rear window, the vortex generator redirects the air directly into the air intake and thereby creating a positive pressure in the air box. The CCX now features, wholly digital, intelligent fuse and relay unit.
The engine in the CCX retains the incredible performance and power of the CCR engine, while running on US 91 octane fuel and complying with California emission regulations. Dual smaller injectors per cylinder were integrated, as well as new camshafts, a new carbon fiber individual runner intake plenum, a new engine management system, updated fuel and EVAP system. The new and cleaner CCX engine also incorporates the first engine block design that is specifically created and cast for Koenigsegg, with the Koenigsegg shield embossed in the casting on both left and right side of the engine block.


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