Green Cars Environment friendly and Fuel efficient Cars

We all are having an impression that the Green cars are environment friendly and fuel efficient cars but many of us are not aware of the fact that they are also the pocket friendly and price efficient car models. There are fewer names that are shining in the sky of green cars industries and still are available in quite affordable price of under $25k. Here in the article we have highlighted two top most affordable eco friendly cars of the world.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet is the baby of General Motors which has gained huge reputation in the car making process since a century. There are numerous innovative and exclusive cars offered by the company but this is possibly the first and most dynamic fuel efficient Green car offered by the company to top the Hybrid car section as well. The smoothness and fluency of the car is amazing. The 1.4 liter car with the energy generation of 138 horsepower can be the most exclusive function of the model. The mpg is unbelievably 40 which are the highest for any of the Chevrolet car model ever. All these and many more features can be grabbed just by paying $16,275. Isn’t that remarkable?

Honda Fit

Fit is the product that makes the insider fit and fine. Honda is one of the pioneer manufacturers of Hybrid cars in the world and henceforth Fit can be seen as one of the most elegant and exclusive car model of Green cars. This Hatchback model has many things to offer including interior space. The larger space could be counted as the most highlighted feature of the car. 33 mpg and four persons seating with greater leisure are the top priorities of this Fit car. Get this car for just $15,100.
So, these are the couple names that can be the perfect and precise choice for your car buying dream. Go Green, Go cheaper.


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