G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane GS 2011 Overview

The result is G-POWER M5 HURRICANE GS is equipped with a fully sequential LPG five cylinders per cylinder bank. The advantages of LPG as fuel is both an economic and ecological – is not only LPG about 50% cheaper per liter than gasoline, but also reduces CO2 emissions by about 15 percent.

Can not be the hallmark of abandoning the increased performance G-POWER. 660 hp and 650 Nm of torque figures are made SK II bi-Supercharger allows low-pressure turbo boost pressure on forced induction is 0.6 bar. Each cylinder 5.0L V10 central bank has an ASA T1-313 compressor belt. Compared to conventional mechanical compressors which consume a large part of the additional power produced by the drive itself, ASA compressor has an efficiency of up to 80 percent. They thus form an ideal base for an efficient forced induction as well as increased production eye on conservation. URTHER involved in the ability of high-speed hurricane GS G-POWER with an effective braking system and the G-POWER RS coil-over sport suspension, 9-way adjustable compression and back and a stepless height adjustment.

G-POWER SK II bi-supercharger system incl. LPG conversion is also available for the current BMW M5 and M6. G-POWER SK II bi-supercharger system 660 hp / 485 kilowatts incl. LPG conversion is available for $ 33,571.43 (net) excl. installation. The 20-inch G-POWER SILVERSTONE clubsport forged wheel set has a list price of 7,635.13 EUR (net).


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