Electric Car Drive System Honda with Fit EV Concept 3-Mode 2010

This version is the official car of the press and a photo gallery, presented by the company automaker Honda. The new 2010 Honda Fit EV concept car specifications exam is designed to meet the needs of daily driving in the metropolitan area commuter standard and uses the same five passenger sedan interior in the popular Fit. In 2010, Honda Fit EV powered by hybrid engines and has a top speed of 90 km / h. In 2010, EV Honda Fit will be a driving range, estimated at 100 miles per charge using the U.S. EPA LA4 Cycle City (70 miles using an adjustment factor of EPA).

In 2010, Honda Fit EV driving range can be maximized by using an innovative 3-way electric car, modified sports 2011-Honda CR-Z hybrid. Besides the 3-way E-Drive, the 2010 Honda Fit EV contains many interactive coaching system to help the driver to maximize battery life. In 2010, Honda Fit EV is equipped with a standard navigation satellite Honda ™ system, which includes a public building tracking station. Honda Fit EV is designed to be simple and convenient charging. Honda Fit appears with EV Concept at the show is a prototype Honda charger. For more information about the 2010 Honda Fit EV car new price list and try, visit the official website of Honda.


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