BMW’s Eco Car Family Develop ‘i’ 3" & ‘i’8

For some time now, BMW has been working hard to develop a set of eco cars, following the ongoing trend of the world. And we all know that. However, what most of us are unaware about is that the carmaker has decided that its family, or rather its sub-brand that will launch only eco cars would be named as “i”.
The existing cars, MegaCity and VED would be known as i3 and i8 respectively. The carmaker is not yet ready to reveal the destination of the manufacturing units of these two cars. However, we know that the latter model will be built in Leipzig.
Here is a bit of surprise element. It has not only christened the family as ‘i’ but has also set-up a new venture for the family, known as BMW i Ventures. The automaker says that this company would provide ‘vehicle-independent services’, similar to iTunes Store for iPod.


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