BMW works with Chinese for 5 Series EV

While BMW’s work and efforts on the Megacity range or on the hybrid front isn’t big news, a different sort of entry into the EV market is.
2011 BMW 5 Series
As it turns out, because of some recent issues with Chinese politics and EV technology, most manufacturers pulled out of the market for Chinese EVs.

BMW has now found a bit of a workaround. By teaming up with the Chinese at Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd, the Bavarians plan to start work on a new EV destined for the Chinese market.
2011 BMW 5 Series
It’s a similar maneuver to what happened when the Japanese car industry flooded Europe. In making their own factories or partnerships with traditional, local manufacturers, they got round the legislation that was supposed to keep them out.
The new BMW & Brilliance EV will apparently be based on the latest generation (F10) of the BMW 5 Series. Since I reckon there’s no better mainstream solution for the job, this will be the first thing in favor of the new EV.
At the moment, no technical information is available on the matter, but we expect to see concept of the new 5 Series EV at the 2011 Beijing Auto Show.
2011 BMW 5 Series
BMW’s partnership with the Chinese also worked for their manufacturing efforts as last year saw the two companies shifting almost 170.000 units in the people’s republic.


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