Audi e-tron Review

I think I’ve finally become happy with Audi. I’ve generally considered them a middle of the road brand but with their latest effort I’ve seen something special in them.
Audi e-tron Auto Union toy
This is a revised Auto Union Type C featuring e-tron All-Electric Drive in toy shape and it proves that Audi’s developers know how to have fun.

In truth, this is a pretty accurate replica of the Auto Union Type C scaled down to the size of a pedal car. It’s in this 1:2 scaled car that Audi crammed lots of EV-specific tech which will offer you some power.
Audi e-tron Auto Union toy
In order to replace the pedal powered mobility, you will get an electric engine developing 1.5 horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque that sends all of it power to the rear wheels. So far so good, now for the somewhat worse part, the battery.
It can give you a range of 16 miles with a top speed of 18 mph but after that you will have to plug this over sized toy in. Happily the charging isn’t very long as it will only take about two hours from a 230V socket. After that you can get back to fun in your aluminium and carbon fiber tub.
Audi e-tron Auto Union toy
I reckon in coming up with this toy, Audi’s engineers had quite a bit of fun, however as this is just a study you won’t be able to buy one.


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