Upcoming 2012 Carbon Motors E7 Cop Car to Use BMW Diesel Power

As has been long suspected, has informed the BMW engines and new carbon today an agreement that will give the police boat carbon future with the BMW online super-six 3.0-liter turbo-diesel. What was a sort of surprise was agreed volume: 240,000 engines, ready to install, with six-speed automatic gearboxes. Given that the market accounts for about 60,000 police cars a year, and that carbon is an unknown that supplies should last the company for some time.

Carbon Motors was founded in 2003 with the intention of offering a police car built for this purpose in competition with other police cars built from existing vehicles and dealing with civil commitments of support. Last year, the company moved to the Visteon plant in Connersville released, Indiana, and announced its intention to invest 350 million U.S. dollars to upgrade the area of 1.8 million square meters for their purposes. Car carbon known as E7, for now, although the company calls it a code name and reveal a more intimidating nickname closer to production, which trial will start in 2012.
Besides the diesel BMW adapter that makes 265 horsepower and 425 lb.-ft. of torque in various civilian market are Bimmers E7 is said to have an aluminum frame with a perfect 50/50 distribution of its £ 4000 between the axles front and rear. A 200 cm long, 78 inches high and 64.2 cm long, it is a few centimeters in all dimensions of the Ford Taurus, which was announced last week as the successor to long-standing Crown Victoria car Police Ford. However, the E7 cited outperform the head and legs Taurus is comfortable internal measures, which is quite a siren song to employees of public utility belt.
Another unique feature of E7 is its rear-hinged rear doors, while police will certainly avoid talking about “suicide doors”, said to facilitate the entry and exit of PERP uncooperative. In addition, said Carbon E7 will go back horrible 75-mph crash impact standard, a reference preservative also hosted by the Crown Vic and Taurus replacement. E7 optional equipment includes the usual assortment of red and blue lighting Securing wig-wag in the front cabin (maybe the logic is that if the fellows in the back are quite important in spring, they are dangerous enough to exhibit the lights Crusaders), a head-up display, automatic plate recognition system scans the license, a 360-degree audio / visual surveillance system and a monitoring system LoJack stolen vehicle.
According to the carbon, the BMW transmission is a good sprint from 0 to-60 km / h 6.5 seconds and 14.5 quarter mile pass at 98 mph. In our experience with 3,800 pounds 335d with the same engine that the claim is likely to be located quarter of a mile, although the 0-to-60 is probably a bit conservative. Manipulation could be correspondingly impressive cornering grip is 0.85 g. cited Perhaps most important, most organizations have called for “250 000 km endurance spec, even if we were, I think it depends on how often a car is an eight-inch curb that Ford says it can not slap the Taurus cruise at 40 mph with no ill effects. And that the 75 mph rear impact test is probably one of the lot.
If you think we’re at a BMW-powered vehicle with an aluminum frame will break the bank for municipalities in difficulty, “said Carbon no. The company says that its price will be competitive with the prices of police vehicles on way to retail versions redesigned to meet the requirements of the police. firm price will be published later this year. Until then, we have a “donkey show” in the queue.


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