2011 Volkswagen GTI Overview

“The Lion will die with hunger but will never compromise with the food habits”. This is the fact that we all are ready to accept. Volkswagen is still the Lion of automotive industry and has proved this phrase quite correctly by launching one of the most stylish and technically stronger models of 2011 Volkswagen GTI.
The company has greater reputation for creating the wonders for the car lovers and there are numerous examples for the same. The record of Volkswagen shows that they have never ever compromised with the habits of creating the world class car models. GTI is following the trend of the company. The outlook, the interior and also the under hood of the car is created in such an amazing manner that the insider, viewer and the owner can never stay apart from feeling the pleasure touch of  GTI.
The 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine with stunning performance of four cylinders can be the biggest plus point of the car. The car has got many of such assets and generation of 200 horsepower along with 207 pound-feet torque is nothing less than a bonus to the owner. The car makers have also offered the option of selecting six speed transmissions in the automatic and manual form. The newly invented invention of the expert engineers of Volkswagen GTI is to have the DSG transmission. This revolutionary and rebellious invention can prove quite efficient and energetic finding for the entire car industry as with this facility, the engine can be shifted in dual mode of transmission of automatic and manual with greater ease and comfort.
If you are searching for the better safety features, you will be never unsatisfied with Volkswagen GTI. There are many planning and implementation for the security of the insiders. Especially the driver is offered more of the airbags to get protected from the unforeseen injuries. The side curtains are attached with the airbags. All the other safety features of Volkswagen standard vehicles are loaded in the new avatars in the car.
The speed is never an issue for the owner of Volkswagen. Even this car proves the best possible sporty performer. The speed of 0 – 60 can be fetched in just 7.3 seconds which can be the best in the available hatchback options.
The time when Volkswagen is ruling the world and also is entering Indian car market with smashing models, this launching of Volkswagen GTI can definitely be the greatest helping hand. Go; Get the greatest gift of the company to the car industries of the world.


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