2011 Modification Audi Q7

Kahn Design is the Audi Q7 as the next topic for a makeover from Project Kahn. Kahn Design, founded by Afzal Khan, has been making quality cars without compromising on style since 1998. Kahn Design is carefully designed to provide projects. Following the great success of the project Kahn Range Rover Sport Project Kahn RS600 and RS300 Cosworth-powered, it is inevitable that progress prestigious automotive design house, Project Kahn finally put their stamp on the Audi Q7. With inspiration from Project Kahn Range Rover Sport RS600, the Q7 has received a complete makeover of the King of aesthetic conversion Afzal Kahn.

Audi Q7 changes include features that are unmatched in the market today, also for the outside, Soft White Pearl Paint, 22 “Kahn RS-X Wheels, Kahn curves Wide Body Kit, including the Home Front ventilated Wings Kahn coated leather (7 seats) Kahn Kahn Dials red and cream aluminum pedals, lighting Welcome to Kahn and the panoramic glass roof. The Q7 is at full price very reasonable £ 56,875, including $ 12,000 Project Kahn accessories. Project Khan announced shortly a second addition to their stability, the news we bring you shortly.


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