2011 Kia KV7 Concept

Kia Motors’ design gives the change of exciting vehicles such as Seoul, Sorento and Sportage, which carries a strong resemblance to the concept cars that are before them, and today the 2011 North American International Auto Show in brand design studio of American announced its ultimate design statement – Kia KV7 Concept.
Designed as a modern version of “activity MPV”, the KV7 was designed by Kia’s design team in California to challenge the idea that is strictly for family transportation. Kia design KV7 Concept is a stark contrast to the windshield angle and the wedge-shaped nose in the MVP segment, and is based on the philosophy of “embracing the box” made by Kia Soul urban crossover funky design to create a unique and seductive language that brings the qualities of an SUV, as the segment.

Along with a design of the windscreen pillars and the vertical is less traditional MPV, KV7 of the exterior skin smooth and wide and 20″ wheels on a modern look while projecting confidence and strength of an SUVs. Kia concept KV7 inviting face is highlighted by an interpretation of the signing of Kia bold grille with vertical tabs LED lights integrated into the design to create a clean and elegant. The KV7 Multiple pieces of LED lighting, the Kia design team is evaluating for future production vehicles, including an unbroken line of LED fog lights the entire front end of the vehicle and directional turn indicators on the outside mirrors and the rear of the vehicle that pulse in the direction being signalled.

Kia Concept KV7 design interior uses four rotating seats on the measure, including the driver’s seat, and the angle of the rear seat mini-living room, three storage compartments integrated to promote interaction in an open society. When you start the Kia Concept KV7 button is activated, it moves the entire front panel of more than six inches toward the driver, so that all orders on hand, including big-screen multi-purpose integration of information and entertainment, weather and navigation systems into a single user interface controlled by a mouse, trackball mounted on the dashboard.
Rear passengers have their own separate interface in the form of a touch screen monitor liquid table. The KV7 is Wi-Fi enabled, giving both front and rear screens with Internet and the ability for multiple passengers to connect their smart phones to the vehicle at a time and sign on the social networking sites.


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