2011 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Cars Reviews

The oldest trick in the book of the automobile is to put the most powerful engine that can get your hands on the smallest car you have. Ask Carroll Shelby. Therefore not too surprised when his Aston Martin packed the most powerful engine in the 510-hp, 5.9-liter V-12 for alpha dog at dawn DBS Vantage Aston.
Located at V-12 to an area usually reserved for a V-8 had a couple of changes to the structure before a new hood with large doors, which reduces temperatures hood and stiffer springs to support more than the V- 12. How much heavier? Although the V-12 weighs 220 pounds more than the V-8, Aston save weight elsewhere (carbon-ceramic brakes and forged aluminum wheels, for example), if the overall increase is claimed 154 pounds. Fifty-one percent of 3750 cars of big engines books are on the front wheels, with a V-8 Vantage, 49 percent of its weight on the front.
Although the 5.9-liter V-12 does not have the latest tricks is not direct injection, variable valve timing, or even of these deficiencies can not be in mind when you are away from Fifth Gear is a 6800 rpm redline, and – 12 V to find a drag-and yet an alarming increase in the past 170 mph in sixth gear at a speed of 190 mph. You use the shift lever and a clutch itself is a bit’s unusual in today’s world roboticized supercar, but it is a very welcome return, the change is a well-considered action and fill in the mechanical sense.
We expect a time of 00 to 60 of 4.2 seconds, a figure that may seem slow for the numbers-obsessed. These same people may be reluctant to peak torque of 420 lb-ft comes at a high 5,750 rpm, but the nature of the revolution, large displacement 5.9-liter happy and penetrating blow to turn skeptics into believers.
“Sport” on the toolbar to open the blood gas and exhaust gas passes more quickly, causing a large wall-and-voice sounds V-12. staccato textures and deep growls coming through the two exhaust pipe. Release the throttle and the machine spits and barks like crazy in Ike Turner. If you want more volume, V-12 Vantage chief engineer, Paul Barrit, proposes to remove the parcel shelf that separates the compartment from the cargo deck cabin. From behind the wheel, the effect is a welcome addition to the exhaust noise in the Porsche I would call "sound package and then charge thousands to remove the cover.
Aston request for $ 181,345 at the V-12, $ 59,245 more than the V-8. But the greatest performance of the car to make it a supercar realm, and makes his $ 270,350 Aston DBS seem redundant.


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